fredag 21 juli 2017

Pentagram (Quintuple) - 2017-07-21 (Tävlingsöl belgoträffen)

12 litres of water
100% Pilsner malt (4,2 + 4,2 kg)
22g Cascade @ 45 minutes from the end of the boil
Mangrove Jacks Belgian Tripel (M31) (dry, sprinkled on chilled wort)

Mash steps
65°C for 2 x 40 minutes (double mashed!)

Boil time: 45 minutes
Volume in fermentor: 12 litres
Post-boil gravity: 1.110
Brew house efficiency: 52%
ABV: 12,7%

18°C for 3 weeks
cold crashed

2017-07-21: This time I should have crushed the malt more coarse. I had serious problems with flow through the grain bed. Now I am crushing at 0,9 mm but will try to increase this to 1,1 mm. There is lots of pieces of malt at the bottom of the bucket...
Hopefylly this beer will turn out good and then be my attempt to win the home brew competition "belgoträffen" for belgian style beers in Uppsala at the beginning of each year. I will have plenty of time to let this beer lager and clear up till the competition. Since I have not been happy with the beers with added white sugar I have brewed previously, I just skipped it completely and double mashed to get a seriously high gravity. I collected wort during sparging till I reached 12 litres again and started a new mash on the previous wort. With a bit of luck this beer will reach 12% ABV. I got impatient and pitched the yeast already at 24 degrees. 25 minutes into the first mash session I checked the gravity. At the end of the mash session the gravity had just increased maybe 5% from the 25 minute measurement. from now on I will mash my brews for 30 minutes, any longer is a waste of time.

2017-08-20: The beer is now in the keg cold crashing. It is promising although a bit rough. With time this will maybe be really good. The amount of sediment in the bucket was 5 litres... That is not ok since I wasted a lot of beer because of that. The right belgian esters are there.

2018-03-04: I dumped the beer a while back since it didnt really improve more. It actually got worse and then I gave up on it.

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