söndag 16 juli 2017

Asian Saison - 2017-07-15

ca 11 litres of water
100% Pilsner malt (4,5 kg)
20g Azacca @ 60 minutes from the end of the boil (alpha acid=15,5%)
The outer layer of 8 lemon grass stalks @ 10 minutes from the end of the boil
200g of fresh sliced ginger @ 10 minutes from the end of the boil
Belle Saison yeast from Lallemand (dry, sprinkled on chilled wort)

Mash steps
67°C i 40 minuter

Boil time: 60 minutes
Volume in fermentor: 17 litres
Post-boil gravity: 1.053
Brew house efficiency: 67% (not bad, and that does not include some left over wort that I put in the freezer)
ABV: 6,3%

18°C for 2 weeks
Preferrably cold crashed
Flavoured ("dry hopped") with 300g of frozen ginger, the zest of 4 lemons and 8 crushed and frozen stalks of lemon grass. The flavouring is done approximately 14 days before the brew competition Sommarölträffen that is taking place 2017-08-19.

2017-07-15: This blog post will be in english for a friend and eager new home brewer, Laur Nicola. The idea of this particular beer is to create a beer that is dry, light coloured, thirst quenching with fresh flavours. The added flavours are inspired by my previous "Asia Cider". The proportions of lemon grass have been increased to enhance that flavour, which was a bit weak in the cider. This saison will be kegged and I will probably add the flavourings in the keg.

The brew day set a new record for me I believe with a total time in the brewery of only 4 hours, including washing up.

2017-07-19: I moved the bucket to a shelf where the yeast would continue to consume the last sugars.

2017-07-21: I moved the bucket to a fridge for cold crashing (+0,5 degrees). Now the gravity was 1.005.

2017-08-20: Yesterday I competed with this beer at Sommarölträffen and took 8:th place out of roughly 45 beers. I am happy with that result and got lots of positive feedback. I would like to cut back on the ginger slightly and increase the lemon and the lemon grass, otherwise I am happy.

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